Tank Trouble 2

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Tank-TroubleTank Trouble 2 is the new version of the popular tank game where up to 3 users can play at the same time. In my opinion, tank trouble game is the best tank game which you can ever find online and which is available absolutely for free, without registration or membership. Even though the second version of the game looks like the previous one, you should know that the developers made a lot of bug fixes to make the gameplay even more enjoyable and smooth. The main mission of the player in Tank Trouble 2 is to destroy enemy and win the battle. There are a lot of different weapons available for you in the game and in order to find out which one is the best for you, you should try them all.

You can also enjoy other editions of Tank trouble game at our website:
[Tank Trouble VS Computer] - in this version of the game you can play with computer.
[Tank Trouble DeathMatch] - Only with real players. The Last one who survive wins the deathmatch.

Tank Trouble 2 offers you an awesome multiplayer mode as well as single player campaign. In single player you will fight against a skillfull enemy named Laika. You have to destroy Laika several times in different maps in order to win. The multiplayer mode of Tank Trouble 2 features up to 3 players that can enjoy the game and fight with each other. The controls for them are :
Player 1: [E][S][D][F] - Move, [Q] - shoot
Player 2: [ARROWS] - Move , [M] - shoot
Player 3: [MOUSE] - Move, [CLICK] to shoot

Tank Trouble 2You should also know that during playing the game, you will notice different icons on the map. If you manage to reach them you will get special upgrades and perks, including new super weapons and so on. The maps in this game are different even though they all look the same : some of them are small, while others are rather big to host up to 3 players at a time. In fact, tank trouble 2 became my favorite game as soon as the developers released it. I spend hours playing it at school. Now you have opportunity to play it too at my website. Hope you will enjoy it just like I enjoy it every day. Good Luck